Wednesday, June 8, 2011

After Math.

Being behind the lens fortunately taught me a lot more than most of the students there. I wasn't there to learn from the program initially but I came home with more than just an experience. Observing everyone's actions from the facilitators, to the counselors, to the LSU staff, to the students, I was capable of seeing cause and effect in the making. I was truly amazed at how one person created a massive movement that connects to kids on an emotional level, while still focusing on college. This has shown me so much more than I expected. And I've definitely taken so much out of this with meeting people who have impacted me in so many ways without even realizing.


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  1. As we approached the last day of the Journey Beyond Dreams Program, I noticed transformation in many of our students. Our enthusiastic LSU "Dream Team" demonstrated a high level of passion for student success. As the staff brought energy to the program, students had no other choice but to think about a strategic plan for their future. First & Goal provided top-notch instruction that incorporated college information and leadership sessions. Additionally, F & G provided numerous opportunities for students to collaborate with their peers during team building activities.

    Yates, Wheatley, and Sam Houston students had a life-long opportunity during this three-day and two-night camp. They experienced college life and achieved knowledge in one setting-on the campus of LSU. After attending the Journey Beyond Dreams Program, I hope that each student understood the significance of “letting go of the past” and pursuing his or her dream- the dream of earning a college degree.

    Andriel R. Davis