Wednesday, June 8, 2011

After Math.

Being behind the lens fortunately taught me a lot more than most of the students there. I wasn't there to learn from the program initially but I came home with more than just an experience. Observing everyone's actions from the facilitators, to the counselors, to the LSU staff, to the students, I was capable of seeing cause and effect in the making. I was truly amazed at how one person created a massive movement that connects to kids on an emotional level, while still focusing on college. This has shown me so much more than I expected. And I've definitely taken so much out of this with meeting people who have impacted me in so many ways without even realizing.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Looking out over the water

So the camp is over. I have taken a lot away from this and i have been able to connect with people on a personal level. I love seeing teenagers take over their own lives and not letting their environment control them or how they view things. My parents have always taught me that a well educated person will succeed at what ever they do and even though I get a little lazy i have to remember me and the life i want for myself. At the end of the day, you have to live the life you have chosen. Your parents wont have to deal with the decisions you made so you must live with them. I just thought i should reflect on the past few days before finally sleeping.

- Make it a great day or not the choice is yours...

- goodnight Love BUSAYO

The crew.

Asleep on my feet.

The past couple of days have been filled with more than enough motions to drive a bipolar mad. I honestly wouldn't know how to deal with the students that are here in the pogram.
"You just learn how to cope with it." I'm not sure how you can cope with girls that have the worst attitudes that decide the best way to talk to eachother is at a maximuim volume, just in case you missed something. As I lay on the plastic matress trying to drain out the yelps and unnecessary screams, I drift into sleep, to be rudely awakened by the the five o,clock alarm. I'm constantly shooting photos, recording every moment produces more than enough satisfaction for my self. The shooting is fantastic. The editing is the thing that takes the toll. Do not get me wrong, I love editing and it does more than enhance a photo. The only issue I have is the repeated steps I go through in post proccessing. With a sore body and sleepy eyes it doesn't make the proccess any easier.


Monday, June 6, 2011

The Big Umbrella

Jerald Brown aka the big umbrella is one of the funniest staff members here at LSU. He is always ready to have fun and play around with just about anyone. In addition to carrying us around in the Vans, he also teaches a session at the camp about being a leader and what that really means. He is really interesting.... and really tall. The best facial description I can give you about him is he looks like Lebron James (well Lebron James looks like him becuase he's been alive longer). If you ever see a 6"8 Lebron James look alike wave and smile and he will smile right back.

- Busayo

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Slowly making it to victory.

It's the second night staying here at LSU. The entire staff and I were acquaintances until lets say, more that twelve hours ago. Going out to breakfast before all the students arrived was a moment to relax and enjoy the conversations of our interests and lives. Finally the students arrived, and seeing them transform from introverted people to lively souls was really interesting. Something I've never really observed until now. It's truly amazing how rapid someone and so many people can get comfortable. Though, there are a few students who seem a little to comfortable. I'm looking at it in a good, benefitting way. When I do my interviews with the students hopefully they'll be more open and not entirely reserved. Both I and Busyo are making progress, only two more days left to reach victory.